Article: “Google’s gourmet giveaways dispel no-free-lunch axiom” (Jul.2006)


“In the category of large-scale, single-site foodservice enterprises at business and industry venues, Google’s extravagant employee dining program arguably is second to none.

In terms of subsidized cost per meal and the breadth of its chef-driven menus, Google’s dining operation appears to surpass even the most generous of corporate kitchens, except perhaps for some exclusive executive dining rooms.

The company’s culinary offerings stand out even in comparison to other Silicon Valley firms famous for lavishing perks on employees…”

source: “Google’s gourmet giveaways dispel no-free-lunch axiom” by John Anderson (Nation’s Restaurant News, Jul.31,2006) [free registration req.]


Article: “Look through restaurant haze for health menu” (Jul.2006)


“Don’t think that the plan to make Chicago restaurants smoke-free by 2008 will automatically turn restaurants into temples of health.

We know about cigarette smoke’s link to cancer. Yet the most recent statistics from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States–more than all cancers combined–and diet often is to blame.

You might even think you’re eating right when you’re eating out, but very likely not. Ald. Edward Burke recognized that, though his proposal to ban artery-clogging trans fats in Chicago restaurants was greeted with a chorus of groans.

So what can you do?”

source: “Look through restaurant haze for health menu” by Susan Kutchin Pallant (Chicago Tribune, Jul.23,2006)

Article: “Get What You Want In Fine Restaurants”


"There’s no way to become a food or wine expert overnight, or even in a year. But you don’t need expertise. All you need is enough confidence to ask questions. The rest is up to the restaurant.

In hiring staff, training them, and holding all those meetings every day, a top restaurant has taken on the burden of providing expertise. If you provide an opening by asking a question, any good restaurant’s staff should be more than happy to share that expertise with you.

One of the most basic lines of inquiry, which can lead to a highly productive dialogue, is asking servers what their favorite dishes are, and what dishes the chef considers specialties of the house."

source: "Get What You Want In Fine Restaurants" by Steven A. Shaw (

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Advice: Korean Food


Empowered dining can include knowledge of the general guidelines for eating a specific cuisine. This entry will focus on Korean food. We will focus on other cuisines in the future.

The links below will include information on eating, ordering, and restaurant etiquette with regards to Korean food. Please remember that these are only suggested guidelines.

Korean BBQ:
Guide to Korean Barbeque
Korean Barbeque Do's and Don'ts

General Korean Food Info:
Art of Eating Korean Food
Korean Menu (click on links for pictures and more info)
Korean Cuisine (Wiki)

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Resource: Restaurant Services

"Now, in addition to purchasing products at, you can also find helpful information about local restaurants, including the ability to view their menus online. The selection is enormous! Here's how it works:

You can either browse or search to find helpful restaurant information at To browse, simply click the Restaurants link on either the left side of the home page or from the store directory page, which you reach by clicking See More Stores in the upper right corner of any page. From the Restaurant page, you can easily browse by city, neighborhood, or cuisine type."

link: Restaurant Services 

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I am not sure how this Amazon service will develop, but if the response has the same success as their product reviews, it should be very interesting.